Nashville Day of Civic Hacking 2017

Use your skills to solve problems


Free Food! Free Caffeine!

And a rarified opportunity to meet and network with technologists, designers, developers, and operators in civic, nonprofit, and governmental spaces.

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Nashville Software School
500 Interstate Blvd S
STE 300
Nashville, TN


September 23, 2017
begins at 8:00AM
ends at 8:00PM, but can go later depending on teams.

Do you love solving problems?

Join us as we work together to understand and improve life for residents of Nashville and the State of Tennessee. We need your critical thinking and problem solving skills on hand to ideate, analyze, consult, and create.

Why NDoCH?

The Nashville Day of Civic Hacking happens in conjunction with the National Day of Civic Hacking, a nationwide hackathon orchestrated in cities across the U.S. The NDoCH is an opportunity roll up our sleeves, get involved, and work together to improve our society.

Code of Conduct

See our Code of Conduct here. Please understand that we take it very seriously.

Core Values and Goals

Transparency, collaboration, participation, and humanity. As an organization, we look to the Open Data movement as a big step in the right direction.

We find that personal experience is a powerful motivator in working to address a community's needs, and that information and technology literacy can be a path to representation.

We seek to encourage STEM education by providing an environment to explore the practical application of technology leveraged for the public good.

"I've never been to a hackathon."

Novices are always welcome. If you are worried about your ability to contribute, come prepared to work with more experienced people and learn.

"I have an idea about a problem that needs solving."

Get in touch, we'd love to talk to you about your idea.

"What should I bring?"

Bring your laptop, charging cables, and any other cool gadgets for testing and development.

"How will the day proceed?"

  • Doors open at 8am
  • Pitching begins at 8:45am
  • Pitching ends about 3 minutes times the number of groups pitching, 9:30 at the latest
  • Teams form around ideas and needs, begin work
  • Lunch at midday
  • Work more
  • Voluntary presentations about a half hour before we quit, probably 7:30pm

For Stakeholders

Come with some time in the morning to work with attendees to help them understand your organization, the pain points you face, the nature of the work you do, and any other relevant information.

We don't ask that you stay all day, just that you make someone available by phone, video chat, SMS, or other means for the attendees to reach you with questions.

For Volunteers

Come with a mindset geared toward crafting solutions without code where possible. Our stakeholders will likely have needs that you can satisfy with some straightforward technical expertise.

Salesforce config problem? Totally doable. IFTTT/Zapier setup? Very doable and easy to modify in future. We live and breathe this stuff, so I challenge you to work the most miracles for your stakeholder with the least amount of code possible. Work to clear the obstacles from their work, then don't be surprised if you find opportunities to dig into something deeper.